Down south 1

Clear waters, sound of the waves, isle of flowers, wooden cottages, private butlers, grilled meals, the warm sand.
Who does not love the beach? Name them! So I could give them a bunch of reasons on why they should.

Beach, please:
How could you not love,

Waking up to a tranquil scene, bathing under the sun with your best sunglasses on, sporting your favorite swimwear -- be it a new pair or an old one, soaking to the clear seas or pools even if we know it will never be candy-sweet, diving to witness the seabed's beauty, paddling kayaks for a water race, surfing the waves as they meet halfway with the shore, playing with the sand and building sandcastles like how kids do, isolating yourself with nature's best and other water sports you enjoy doing with your family and friends. I could honestly tell you more reasons and about the lovely locations but you'll have to wait for awhile. For I have to sort out all the photos from the trips. :)

So keep posted!




Being an outcast isn't so bad. It's actually wonderful to just be different. If you choose to see those differences as something inadequate, then you are just pulling yourself further down as those who make you feel as an outsider. But I don't see things that way. I see those differences as an asset. Why? Because it is what makes you unique, special rather. So be the great idiosyncratic artist that you are and life would be so much better.

Change your perspective because it will change who you are, for better and not for worse. Dare to be different. Consider yourself blessed.


Blessed Top - Outkast Paradigm | Skinny Denim Jeans - Topman | Sneakers - Nike

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Sperry me a moment

This is a book I love most. Which I bought two or three years ago. But unfortunately lost it from all the packing and transferring. I couldn't find another copy from any bookstore because it's an old novel. To my surprise! and when I say surprise, I mean SURPRISE! Someone found my favorite book! I don't know where, when and how. But thank you! You know who you are. :> This made my day!
I got a secret note on my cup from a barista. Haha! I like how they leave random notes on my cup. They never fail to surprise me!
Sperry me a moment, of neutrals and caffeinated mornings. I am often out early, not so alone, at my favorite coffee shop - Starbucks. What makes my morning great is having to spend it in a place I consider my second home. Nothing but with a good cup of coffee or tea, and a good book or playlist. The place where I am most of the time productive. A coffee shop with great ambiance, baristas or bartenders whom I consider family, and simply the place to be. I like how the music shuts me out from the world, as it plays while I read a book or render my thoughts through ink. (I know it makes me seem so anti-social. But hey! I am not anti-social, just selectively social.) Often times, baristas would ask me if I want to transfer inside or have the huge umbrella transferred by my table. Because I usually sit outside in the morning, the exact spot where the light hits during any sunny day. And often times, I would say "No, I'm good here. Thanks though!". :> I like how I get my dose of warmth when I am settled outside. It's never too hot and there is just enough wind to cool down the day. The best part is when the rays sit on every page I read and highlight my hair color even if it's not much to notice. 

White Shirt - Giordano | Stripe Skater Skirt - Ctara | Boat Shoes - Sperry | Fedora - Forever21


Thinking out loud

 This time, it's different. Different yet the same. It's actually nice to have someone by your side -- someone who loves the same things that you do (specially fashion), who listens to the music you listen to, who would take your kind of tea and the like. Sharing this post tonight with the topman, who thought me more about visualizing. Thinking out loud, it's not easy to visualize about the future. But you can always choose to not do it alone.