October 16, 2014

The Life

This is the life, when you spend the most out of it doing the things you love most. I will always love travelling and dressing up with every heartbeat. I'm flying to Pagadian in a few hours for work, and I can't wait to witness more fashionable individuals from the south! :) 

Top - Cotton On | Denim Shorts - Forever21 | Watch - Swatch by Jeremy Scott | Sneaker Wedge - Promod

And oh! Before I forget, Cotton On is now open at Ayala Center Cebu - New Wing beside Topman.  Click on the brand to see their Facebook page. :) 

October 14, 2014


How do we define ourselves?

We define ourselves by the best that is in us,
not the worst that has been done to us.

September 13, 2014


We wake up everyday with the thought of rushing. Like birds as they move through the air first thing in the morning.
As for us, from the moment we get up and when we hit the sack. That's not living. When we rush things, we don't realize that we're not present at all. All we're focused on is getting things done, dealing with things in just seconds. 
There are reasons why we rush about anything. Here are two:

One is when we lack the willingness to be in the present moment. We cease to be visible in reality. It's when any bad day gets in our nerves. So we beat ourselves up just to tap on every finish line of every damn day.

Another reason would be the lack of interest. Needless to say, stressing ourselves killing it.

So why race with the ticking of the clock? Time is accorded to us – to spend the most out of it. You may see the world neither imperfect nor in flight to perfection. But for me, it is not imperfect nor at the midst of trying to be perfect, or any word you can possibly judge it to be. The world offers a beautiful spectacle. And life is matchless in every moment.


August 30, 2014

One of the boys

I may be the girl who worries so much about what clothes to wear for the next day, who unconsciously fixes or strokes her hair every minute of the day, the girl who makes quick glances on her surroundings just to check, a habitual late sleeper yet freaks out when having areas of seborrhea (acne), the girl who puts extra clothes, sneakers and high heels in the car in case of random overnights, night outs or events, the girl who makes sure that the edges of the spoon is clear (no food falling off, even a single grain of rice) - basically very conscious
But I'll always be one of the boys.
The one who is always there for everyone else when they need it. The one who puts others before herself. It's fun being one of the boys. You don't have to be too shy or too conscious. The only thing you have to worry about is who's going to order pizza -- instead of worrying about how much makeup you should put on. I love dressing up, be it trendy or formal. But i'll always be the kind of girl who's into oversize shirts, sweaters and sneakers. The kind of girl who can take so much and bottles it all up inside. The quiet one in a girl group, yet the loudest when with guy friends.
How to literally be one of the boys, wear a men's shirt. And may be fold the sleeves up a bit and flex those triceps as if you have any. :>

Daryl's Topman Shirt

This is a lovely shirt Bab! Thanks for lending me this cotton plum on a random movie night. It fits me so well! :P Anyway, I'm done shooting this OOTD. You may have this awesome shirt back next week. :>
I didn't notice that my sleeves aren't even. Oops!

Chilled at Serenitea today, since I had long breaks between my appointments.
And I actually thought of some perks of being one of the boys.
1. You get the most straightforward romantic advice, like: "I made up a new dance move.
It's called the move on with your life." 

2. You trust them if they say you look good today. And when they say that you're a haggard 
piece of art.

3. You get piggyback rides (when they treat you like you're their little sister and actually
 protect you like their own). Which leads me to the thought,

4. If a guy is being an ass, you can call your personal bodyguards.

5. Acting on stupid ideas is not only done, but encouraged. They won't let you do stupid
 things, ALONE.

6. If you haven’t become an expert at beer pong yet, don't worry sis. You’re getting there.

Daryl's Shirt - Topman | Shorts & Necklace - Forever21 | Sunglasses - Sunnies Studio | Shoes - Cotton On
A familiar photo? I know somebody should be holding me hand. But Bab was at work the whole day. Had a quick shoot this morning before running errands. I felt the need to take the shot. So I did. :>
I had a very looooong day. (Yes, I had to exaggerate the O's). I was hopping from one venue to another, had meetings with different people and making a lot of studies for upcoming events and wedding clients. Quite exhausting, but hey, my day ended well. Great rather!
Bab took my hand and made me feel better. (And I did the same after his tiring day at work). Had dinner together, long chats with friends, a random walk around I.T Park just to buy donuts, and La Marea treats to satisfy this sweet craving!

Another weekend well spent! :>