Favorite pastime

We thirst for a different pastime -- something we both love doing (even individually). Which is taking photographs but not the typical selfies you often see almost anywhere. We simply take a camera with us until we empty each battery pack or stop when it's tooooooo hot to shoot. :) I'd rather get a tan on a beach than staying at a basketball court.

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 What's more lovely than having someone to share the same passion with?  
C who blogs about her favorite pastime.


The "Fixer"

One Wednesday afternoon or fifteen minutes past lunch time, I took a break from doing costings, getting swatches
and finalizing designs for a client's entourage. When in a coffee shop, I tend to think about anything.
Things you usually think about when you're ready to hit the sack. Things you don't usually attend to during the day.
And I felt the need to write it down. So, here it is.

01.21.2015        12:15 PM
 They call me the “Fixer”. According to everyone’s friend, Google, “a fixer is a person who makes arrangements for other people, especially of an illicit or devious kind”. It got me thinking and may be a bit into denial, but I guess I am one. I don’t know if others find it as a bad thing but the way I see it, I just want what’s best for others, for all of us rather.
If I were to define fixer, it is a person who holds a vision filled with positivity. One who believes that they could build something great from something that needs a little bit of enhancement. I don't want to use the word "broken" to define anything that needs fixing. They are hopeful-people, for anything or anyone they believe in - having the highest probability of becoming something so significant or special. Simply one who believes that there are no problems, only solutions. 

Being a fixer is actually great. I read about Fixers once from an online site about a year ago. Entitled “The Fixer:” What Happens When You’re The One Always Helping Everyone Else” by Maureen Townsend of She started her blog with a quote.

When something’s broke, I wanna put a bit of fixin’ on it. When something’s bored, I wanna put a little exciting on it. If something’s low, I wanna put a little high on it. When something’s lost, I wanna fight to get it back again.  —    Pearl Jam
(Click on Maureen’s name if you want to read more about her article.)

How about you? Are you a fixer too? :) Or how do you define "fixer" from your own perspective? Write me a private response! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Clatlet Fever!

Clatlet fever during a festive celebration! #Sinulog2015

Three Easy Steps!
 If you want the same Clatlet as mine, order Hades.

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She way out

A the 1975 kind of day.

She Way Out - The 1975

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